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Welcome to Bronies Are Magic, where we will post some fun competitions, accept your artwork and essentially interact with the brony community.

The Rules:

:bulletgreen: Be nice, although this awesome fandom doesn't really need to be told this!
:bulletgreen: Pretty much anything related to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic will be accepted, so expel those artistic compulsions to your heart's conent!





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Taken from :iconjaegerpony:
Twilight Sparkle

[x] You love magic.
[y] Your idol is some kind of Mage or Wizard. (The Doctor, Who stole a "magic" box and ran away. half-point)
[y] You are your teacher's No.1 student. (Was #1, now #2. half-point)
[x] You used to be antisocial.
[x] You are IN LOVE with books. (I'd say I'm in love with Katie, but she doesn't love me back. She only LIKES me. She also has a boyfriend, or so her brother claims... Does she?)
[x] You will not believe anything you cannot explain.
[y] You have a labratory/one of your relatives is a scientist. (my brother Ty's a sophie, but will be a sci. half-point)
[ ] You're often the leader of the group.
[x] You're the brains of the group.
[y] You have anger issues. (but only when I'm angry. half-point)
[y] You have OCD. (self-diagnosed, could be wrong. half-point)
[x] You tend to throw yourself into your studies.
[x] You like owls.
[ ] Dragons are your favorite mythical creature.
Points: 10.5


[y] You love fashion. (she's a belle, brother Dore, but she's not mine. half-point)
[x] You will do anything to get in the spotlight.
[y] You're very generous. (I'm slightly generous, but I'd rather not brag. half-point)
[x] You want to be popular. (it's not my strongest desire, but the checklist never specified that it must be. full-point)
[z] There is a boy/girl that has a crush on you. (I have no iDea. nil-point)
[ ] You love jewelry.
[y] You're very polite and you act like a lady/gentleman all the time. (I am polite but not most of the time :P. half-point)
[ ] You own a business.
[ ] You despise dirt.
[ ] Your least favorite color is green. (GREEN IS 2ND BEST COLOUR!)
[x] You like cats. (favourite animal series (in order of most to least): MLP, Warriors, Felinity)
[xy] You can be very greedy or selfish sometimes. (people THEMSELVES tell me I'm selfish. sesqui-point)
Points: 6


[ ] You love gardening.
[ ] You will protect your friends and family no matter what, even if you get in danger.
[y] Your favorite fruit is Apples. (second. half-point)
[ ] You have freckles.
[x] You're a bad liar. (every time I lie, people know it. That what you meant? full-point)
[y] You're very honest. (only b/c I'm a bad liar. half-point)
[x] You have a rather large appetite.
[xx] You have a HUGE family. (in MY FAMILY TREE LIMB ALONE, there are SEVEN PEOPLE. {me and six siblings, cousins get their own family tree limbs} double-point.)
[ ] You were born in the South/You have a southern accent.
[x] You were freaking adorable as a baby. (if I weren't such a STVDENS STELLARIS, I'd wish I still was a baby...)
[x] You're very independent and to let your pride and stubbornness get in the way of things.
[y] You're great at playing instruments. (no, but I AM trying to learn. From whom, you ask? My dad.)
[y] You're very modest. (As in "y do we care?")
[y] You like dogs. (I used to hate them, and my favourite animal is KATZ. {Humans is second, then ponies, then dolphins, then mice. [the MISE, Most Intelligent Species on Earth. Also most INCONSIDERATE species on Earth, both according to DNA's HHGG book.]})
Points:  8.5

Pinkie Pie

[xxx] You love sweets. ('cuz I'm a sugarholic, baby. Sugar-sugar-holler! {A song I'm still trying to write... will I, if I keep trying?})
[x] You're hyper as heck and have limit-less energy.
[y] Your hair is very poofy/curly,and sometimes it randomly goes flat-out straight. (I have to COMB it to be 'flat-out' straight OR curly. It's somewhere inbetween... half-point)
[xxy] Your somewhat of an annoyance to the people around you. (two-and-a-half-mares style annoying. How do I stop myself?????)
[yxy] You love to sing. (FOUR as far, a-as I-I, ca-an, te-e-e-e-e-ell... Two Hearts' Parallel!)
[y] You like making people laugh and smile. (I'm pretty bad at it, though...)
[y] You're the funny gal/guy of the group. (about half the groups I'm in)
[x] You can eat alot of sweets and barely gain any weight at all.
[ ] You have a squeaky voice.
[y] You're very random and half of the time you don't even know what you're saying or doing. (I don't know what I'm saying/doing about a QUARTER of the time)
[y] You can predict the future. (Only to a degree, NO pinkie sense... half-point)
[y] You like alligators. (GO GATORS!!!!! {I don't even play/watch football/hoofball, I just wanted to  say the GATORS are awesome as they wanna be!})
[x] You're a very happy person and it's rare to see you down in the dumps.
Points:  13.5


[y] You love animals. (mainly cats/humans/phoenices, but I LIKE others.)
[y] You're very timid and shy. (I was from ages 6-15.5, not so sure about now (17.3-ish)... half-point)
[y] You have a pet bunny. (my dad has a family thereof)
[ ] Your voice is very soft and have to repeat what you've said most of the time.
[y] You love nature and you're fascinated by it. (I merely enjoy my existence in HER {not 'it'})
[y] People walk all over you like you are a doormat. (Not everyone, but three of them do :/)
[x] Your shyness affects your social ability.
[ ] When you act assertive,you friends and family become frightened by you.
[ ] You're very modest.
[x] You're very kind.
[y] You get scared easily. (I try my best to block out the screams, but they're haunting me in my dreams)
[xx] You live near a forest. (both my mom and dad do, at separate houses.)
[ ] You have a weak heart. (EGO... SVM... ARCHAEVS!!!!)
Points:  7

Rainbow Dash

[x] You love racing. (not playing/watching, just the GENERAL sport of an awful lot of RUNNING {no vehicles} to DO-OO-WOO-OOO-WOO!)
[x] You are very loyal to your friends and family.
[x] You love messing around with your friends.
[y] You have anger issues.
[xx] You love rainbows. (Red's my favourite colour, AND the first therein)
[y] You always dress in style. (only MY will)
[x] You enjoy weather and you are fascinated by it. (I'm fascinated by the rain, not by weather in general :P)
[zz sub-99 plural z α] Your dream is to be apart of your favorite sports team. (it's to write a story that brings THE ONE to me with her fandom thereof. I'm a junior writer. negative three points)
[y] You like sports. (but not playing OR watching. Just the sports themselves.)
[y] Your voice cracks. (only MY will. I'm also a junior actor.)
[x] You're very immature for your age. (I'm a 17.3 year old Brony whose favourite activity is imagination and expression thereof.)
[x] You get jealous easily. (probably the reason no ONE is here yet. Or it could be that I'm too young...)
[ ] You have a "biggest fan". (but if I did, she'd be the one. Or, if male, he'd be my new best friend)
[xx] You tend to boast and brag. You're also very arrogant. (I sorta wish I wasn't, but I'm SUCH a STELLAR STUDENT!!!)
Points:  9


[xxxx] You love gems. (For as far as I can tell, two hearts... parallel!)
[y] You're the underdog of the group. A time when someone is rooting for you is a Rarity to come by.
[xx]You can get very greedy sometimes.
[y] You're the youngest in the group.
[x]You're very kind and you often cheer other people on.
[xxxxxxx] You have a crush on someone, and you hope they feel the same way. (Even though I know she doesn't. I hope to SKYLA that I find someone else... or that she breaks up with her BF.)
[xxx] You often picture yourself differently than from what other people see you as.
[xy] You can be very timid at times and you've worried about getting replaced by someone once.
[xxxy] Sometimes you question who you are and whether or not you were supposed to be someone else.
[x] You're a very sarcastic person.
[x] You're very playful.
[y] One time you almost kissed someone, and it was your friend.
Points:  25.5

Result: Spike. I'm gonna die alone, aren't I?

Tags: Sitcom Reference. Reason? I've always wondered this scenario about myself...

(Katie's BF, whose name I still need to ask her, is expected. Instead, when I walk into her home, she's there alone.) [insert-OTHER's name here], I gotta tell you the truth. I'm in love with (I see Katie) SCI-ENCE!!!

Plus six to your fave character (of the ones listed) if you get my reference. (Say the characters, {all 3, 3pts} the show, {whole title, 1pt} the episode. {sXeX format, then title, 2pts})
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